The Art of Arms and Armour

On the occasion of the 2024 World Kendo Championships, Milan will host an extraordinary exhibition titled “SAMURAI – The Art of Arms and Armour”. The exhibition will take place from June 26 to July 18 at the ADI Design Museum, located at Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1, with entrance from Via Ceresio 7.

Organized by I.N.T.K. – Italian Association for Japanese Sword and Giuseppe Piva – Japanese Art, the exhibition will offer visitors a unique opportunity to admire a collection of Japanese swords and ancient armours. These precious artifacts, symbols of a millennia-old tradition, represent the excellence of samurai art and culture.

“SAMURAI – The Art of Arms and Armour” will explore the history and evolution of Japanese weapons and armour from the late 14th century to the present day, highlighting the craftsmanship and cultural significance they have had over the centuries.

Visitors will gain an understanding of how tools designed for specific purposes were considered works of art at the time of their creation and were regarded as collectible items even in ancient times.

A showcase will display the evolution of the forms of Japanese swords and forging schools, through perfect reproductions created specifically for study purposes.

Another area will be dedicated to the kodogu, the sword fittings, which are exquisitely crafted objects rich in inlays and made of precious materials. These artifacts are of particular interest as they are considered not just mere accessories but also proof of the high skill achieved by artisans.

Enhancing this exhibition, there will also be four armours (yoroi), three helmets (kabuto), and three masks (menpo), all of exceptional craftsmanship and in perfect condition.

In addition to command fans, prints, and a scroll depicting samurai in practice.

Finally, one section of the exhibition will be dedicated to one of the most important contemporary swordsmiths, demonstrating how this ancient art is still passed down and preserved today.

The exhibition not only celebrates the aesthetics and functionality of these works of art but also offers an insight into the philosophy and values that guided the samurai, such as honor, courage, and discipline. An exhibition journey that promises to captivate enthusiasts of history, art, and Japanese culture.

The event is an integral part of the initiatives related to the World Kendo Championships and represents an opportunity to immerse oneself in Japanese culture and better understand the historical roots of this ancient martial art.